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Lakewood Roofing

Welcome to the Lakewood Roofing Company. By clicking on this website, you have already taken the first step in making the right choice when choosing a contractor for all your roofing installation needs and repair work. We have years of experience with different types of residential and commercial roofing installations and repair work. We guide and recommend the best possible solution for all your damaged roofs and will guarantee you are satisfied with our wide range of available products, materials, and service offerings. Our team of skilled tradesmen ensures you get the best estimation and support when insurance claims are involved. Reputation is everything to us, thus making every project a first priority.


About Us
Lakewood Roofing Company is a proud and reputable roofing company based in Lakewood, Colorado. We believe in delivering amazing customer service for all your Metal roof, Aluminium roofing installations, and repairs. We have a variety of Shingle’s as part of our offerings and service both the residential and commercial markets. Our team consists of expert trade professionals with vast knowledge and skills to accommodate your individual needs at competitive pricing.


Our Services
Our offerings include but are not limited to residential roofing installations, residential roofing repairs, and commercial roofing installations. Our team of skilled professionals can assist with storm damages estimations and assist with the insurance claims and processes, we offer different types of roofing, from a variety of shingles, metal, sheet, and aluminum, to fit your expectations and your wallet, all while making the repair or installation process as seamless as possible. Have a look at the diverse areas of expertise and product we have available.


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Residential Roofing Installation

In short, this is as the name would suggest. We offer a wide range of residential roofing installations and roofing repairs. The variety of choice in shingles ensure you can create, repair and maintain your dream roof. Metal and sheet roof is fast creeping to the preferred material for homeowners in Lakewood. We are licensed professionals and here to guide you before making any choice on your repair work or new installations.

Residential Roofing Repairs

Residential roofing repairs do not have to cost you an arm and a leg. When damages are caught in time, the repair work is most likely to be minimal and costs can be kept contained. The most important factor is to get your roof inspecting as soon as you start seeing any unusual changes to your roof. These can include water damage, dark spots, broken shingles, or cracked facing. Our team is on the jab and skilled recommend the best repair solution to fit your needs.
“Well done to Lakewood roofing for a job well done. Your estimations on my damaged shingles have assisted me to not only save a large sum of money but also left me in absolute awe of the quality of product and service delivery you gave. I am confident in singing your praises as my experience with your team has set my expectations of all service standards to a new level. Thank you so much for your amazing service.” Jolene B

Residential Types of Roofs

When considering what the best choice for you would be in terms of roofing types, our friendly roofing consults have the extensive knowledge that you would need to make an informed decision. We can confidentially recommend several options to suit your style, type, and color. From the cost-effective options available in Shingles roofing to metal and sheet roofing, we do it all. No roof will be left unloved when we are on the job.


Storm Damage/ Insurance Claims

We offer a full one-stop-shop solution to you for all your commercial and residential roofing repairs and installations. More often than not, storm damages can be a painless process if covered by your insurance policy. We act as an advocate on behalf of you and your company to ensure all negotiations with the insurance company run as smoothly as possible. We do the detailed insurance inspection with the insurance adjuster and arrange all amendments, making sure your best interest is met.
“Just love Lakewood Roofing, very detailed orientated, Super-fast and friendly service. Your transparency policy of the estimations and constant communication meant the world to me. Please keep up the good work.” Brian J

Multi-Family Units

Multi-Family Units are residential property that house multiple separate housing units, they are also known as a Multi-dwelling Unit. But what does this mean in the roofing industry? The challenges that come when doing repairs on Multi-Gamily Units consist of 3 main factors, Keeping track of maintenance and repairs, Emergency repairs, and disturbance to other neighbors. Lakewood guaranteed the best possible solution to all of the above issues. Contact us today to find out how we make the process bearable.

Commercial Roofing Installation

Where commercial roofing is concerned, we offer a wide range of products to make sure your business has the best possible protection. Our offerings of sprayed polyurethane foam roofing or single-ply membrane roofing or any of our commercial roofing installation offerings will give you the safety and peace of mind you and your employees deserve. Contact us today to make sure you make the right choice for your business. We are happy to book an appointment for recommendations to fit your need.

“I was so nervous when I realized the damage to our commercial roof, and I could not sleep. The stress involved in the cost and the actual repair work gave me nightmares, thinking back now, I can not for the life of me think why I did not listen to my friend when they first recommended Lakewood Roofing. When I contacted your contractor, I was astounded at the friendly service received and the sense of urgency up had made me feel like your one and only customer. You have saved me time, money, and a whole lot of extra grey hair. Keep up the good job team” Sam W

Contact Us Today

Why delay the choice any further? Get on the phone and contact us today for any questions you might still have any additional information you need or need to schedule an appointment for an installation consultation. We come to you and waiting to do your roof inspection for any potential damaged and looking forward to assisting with your Storm damage and insurance claims. Our friendly sales executives are professional and fully qualified to recommend available offerings to make your life a little less stressful.