How to recognize the signs of someone who needs help



When someone is going through a very difficult situation, the aid of family and friends is extremely important for that person to prevail over this scenario and move on with their life.


If a psychosomatic illness or mental disorder pushes a patient to the breaking point of their coping mechanisms, to the point where they feel they can no longer take the pain and view death as the only way out of their predicament, then the patient may commit suicide as a result of their condition.


This is known as a suicidal crisis. Because of this, having a grasp of how to help those who are experiencing suicidal thoughts is really necessary.




You have to understand a few essentials, including the following: it is not theatrical, it is not attention-grabbing, it does not neglect god, nor is it frivolous.


Mental illness is not a joke; rather, it is something that has to be assessed, directed, and treated by a trained expert since it is very serious. In this case, the victim may exhibit the following signs:


– Insomnia

– Deep sadness

– Loss or excess of appetite

– Difficulty dealing with problems

– Anxiety crisis

– Loss of will to live

– Behavioral changes

– Isolation


To engage in active listening, one must not only hear what the other person is saying but also make an attempt to understand what it is that they are saying.


Ask open-ended questions, pay attention to the replies, and resolutely refrain from passing any type of judgement, in any form.


Even while having a meaningful conversation has the potential to result in really favourable consequences, this is simply the first step on the road to overcoming it.



Medical help


It is essential to advise the client to go get medical help as soon as possible.


In the event that one refuses to take into account this different possibility, it is essential for her to display both the desire and the ability to insist on it.


Make an appointment for him/her with a respectable doctor, and offer to accompany her to the appointment.


Provide the client with emotional support, accompany her to the session, and help him/her understand why it is vital to participate in treatment.


Attend the appointment with her and any potential examinations that may be required.


Emotional support

Give the person the companionship they are looking for by being by their side.


It is essential to make the individual feel loved and welcomed since the vast majority of victims who go through something like this experience a sentiment of abandonment and rejection.


Be someone in her life that he/she can turn to for affection and words of encouragement, and do your best to be that person.


When confronted with their own suffering and misery, victims frequently discover that there are fewer and fewer reasons for them to carry on with life.건기식위탁판매


Therefore, every step that is done to aid him/her is a manner of proving that despite the circumstances, life is still meaningful.


This is the case because every step that is taken to support him/her.